It is. You Not Me.

I know. TL;DR. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

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Protestors 2

Who’s financing this, mass deportation? Us.

JPMorgan Chase: (@jpmorgan)

$877 million in loans and credit to immigration detention centers owners, Geogroup and CCA.

Vanguard Group: (🐦@Vanguard_group)

$ 867 million in CCA stock.

Managed Account Advisers: (@bankofamerica)

$234 million in stock

London Co. of Virginia: 804-775-0317

$231 million in stock.

Epoch Investment: (🐦@epochinvestment)

$228 million in stock

Bank of New York Mellon Corp: (@bnymellon)

$90 million in stock.

Wells Fargo Bank: (@wellsfargo)

$45 million in stock.

Vanguard Group:

$581 million in GEO group stock.

Blackrock Fund Advisors: (@blackrock)

$167 million in GEO group stock.

Eagle Asset Management: (Carillon Towers Advisers St. Petersburg, FL)

$100 million in GEO group stock.

Fidelity Investments: (🐦 @fidelity)

$82 million in GEO Group stock.

Public Retirement Systems:

$130 million in stock.

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McCambridge, R. (September 18, 2017) Corporate Racewashing: The Limits of JPMorgan Chase’s Commitment to Racial Justice. Nonprofit Quarterly. Boston, MA: Nonprofit Information Network Association.


Weird. AZ News became ultra conservative. @arizonasfamily was the only article I found that posted mugshots of protestors. Is it unlawful? No. Classy, like creating a rebuke toward a group that’s dissenting. The mugshots didn’t add anything to the news coverage just that it’s criminal to oppose the state. Our state. The one we all live in. But, they’re criminals! Sure. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ There are, two misdemeanors that were used to criminalize homelessness that prompted the arrested protestors. The arrests were within guidelines that you are given a warning, and then arrested. ARS 13-2906 and, I think 23-48.01 were specific to this. Protestors, and homelessness. I just, feel the news coverage was unfair because a large percentage of the population is against putting babies in cages. Holding, people in fences and privatizing immigrant detention facilities. Someone, is getting paid a lot to inflict pain on migrants.

Seeley v. State, 655 P.2d 803 (Ariz. Ct. App. 1982)

Breakfast Cheesecake

Caralyn, said Ripple something was the best flavor. I remembered, “roast puppy.” After, a few awkward moments of swearing they have Roast Puppy with the bartender. This arrived. It’s different, I had to postpone the beer though.

I woke up late and didn’t feel like cooking. I felt like pancakes. Although, this is not fluffy pancakes it was really good. It was on my to do list today.