The 401K Scam

The 401K Scam. I was listening until I saw the math problem form in my head. The job, wants 10% of my pay so at retirement I’ll get $656,751. Sounds, like a lot but I’ll receive a monthly check until my death presumably at 84. ☹️ So. 17 years and with inflation at a conservative 1.8% in 29 years I’ll receive $21,196 yearly. 🤔 Where, did all this comfortableness go? 😳😂 With inflation, the poverty line in 2048 at retirement will be $20,758. So. 🤬 To break even, I’d have to contribute half my pay for 29 years to live at twice the poverty line. Doing that, I’d basically never have a pay increase until I die. Wow. 🙄 I showed him my math and, his presentation ended. Buying power still creates poverty even in investments. At 67, I’d make as much as I would on welfare and food stamps. 🤫


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