The Cramps (1983)

This is probably why I love Punk rock. It is the antithesis of itself. Unlike other genres where misogyny and hero worship frenzy the crowd. Punk, stands alone as against everything. Close to anarchy if that has a substantial soundtrack.

Anarchy, from the Greek. An, a prefix meaning “not.” Arkhos, meaning ruler or chief.

A strange definition for those without a leader.

See, the Greeks. The humble heroes in all our history books had a class based society. Slaves. —-> Everyone else.

So, in that way the truer definition of anarchy makes sense in Greek ruled society. If you weren’t owned you participated in anarchy. You had no ruler.

What would we make of this poster or movie franchise with the truer definition of the words we tend to passionately overuse.

  • Anarchy
  • Government
  • Ruler
  • Poltics

What does it have to do with Punk Rock?

Punk itself, was noise and a message. Different from other genres that required maybe, more finesse.

Wow. She did this.

So. In that way, anarchy has always been associated with punk rock. Which, like other bands and groups made it “bad” and “corrupting our youth.”

But, this is, okay?

So. That’s why punk rock. Although, alone without a recreation into modern midi and fax machine sounds. Will always be labeled or associated as anarchy. It’s untethered music as much as LL Cool J is a sex symbol. Punk rock is just a container for ideas that make you think for yourself.

Unlike, these other albums listed. That are teaching a fluency to believe in something that’s not yourself.

The Cramps. (1983). “Surfin Dead.” Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack.

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